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Good job dude perfect

My god that game rocks!

Dude perfect

The best basketball game!!

Nice app

Hard game, very interesting


I really like these Guys so I think this is a really good game!!

Does not work

I have iPhone 5s with IoS 8.0.2 and this game does not work on my device.


Das Spiel macht Fun


its just too good!!! i really love it. ;) since the moment i saw it i was happy...

Great Game, but...

Some smaller improvements would be possible: "Dead balls": sometimes the ball is not moving anymore, but the game does not start the next ball. Also, when the ball is rolling on the ground, it takes a long time to stop, but I know that now it cannot hit the basket anymore, so the waiting is really annoying... "Emotion" I appreciate the sounds when I make a basket, but the dudes should also be animated, running and jumping around, etc. just like the real dudes!!! "Clean shots" Why not have some levels where a clean shot is the only way to "win" the level? In real life, most of your shots do not bump off a hundred things, either ;)

Nice Game

Youre really cool guys. I love the stuff you make !!


I Love this Game. Its really Good and i also watch their Videos. There are Many lvls and its a Game that is very cool and 4 Fun. The only Thing that isnt thaaaat Good are the graphics. I Hope there will be an Update soon. Thats why i Gave Four stars. So Thats what i think bout that Game

Nice but...

There should be more points for direct hits

Damn i Love this Game

Dudeperfect = awsome

Nice game

Nice game i love it and nice video from dude perfect

Best bball shooting Game


Really good

Its so much fun playing that game! But they could add something more than basketball challenges.


Best game I have ever played

Awesome game

This game is really amazing and I love to play it. Its PERFECT!!

Amazing Game

Well done, simply reflects all of the dude perfect videos and its a big fun!!

Could be better

Fun for a while. Sadly success is often based on pure luck.

Sooooo awesome

I really really like this Game!

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