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A lot of fun

Needs some refining but a really fun game.

Awesome game

This game is the most coolest thing ever same with dp 2 and endless ducker if you dont have these games get then they have no ads in them so go and get these apps and its a dollar to by it it is so cheap and dp is awesome and you buying the app will help them make the trickshot videos you and I love so get all there apps for a awesome time for fun

Great game!

Love these guys and what theyre about. Want to support them in any way I can. Great game!!


Lots of fun!!!


This game is amazing and the graphics are awesome


This game is so fun!!!!!

Not good game

This is not a good game because there are a lot of annoying things with the Controls its not fun at all

Doesnt work

Its impossible.you shouldnt have to get a certain amount of points thats just stupid

Love it!

Love these guys and the game doesnt disappoint! Fun to play, easy to learn and good variety!


Dude the game is perfect And awesome and cool my name is Landen Staie


This game is awesome and very addictive but cool

Sooooo hard!

This game is very cool with a fun concept but it is soooooo hard! I cant even get past the first level, it can be a great game if u r good at it but for me it was horrible!

Hopefully its good

Hopefully its good


Great game thx dude perfect

Dude perfect

This game is so fun

Very Cool

Great app

Much too hard!

I do not like how you cannot pass the level if you dont get x amount of points with one ball.

Lots of fun

Great little game, similar to Angry Birds

Awesome but.

Very good game, but I think that the needed points to pass a level should be a little lower sometimes.


This game is pretty fun at first, but after playing for a bit you start to see the problems. Flinging games are fun, but this one giving you three "lives" is pointless since the points accumulated with each ball do not add up. You get an extra 1000 points for making it in on the first ball. If you fail the first time just retry. Theres no point in continuing to use them. Also it gets old after you retry a level a set amount of times, it keeps offering an option to purchase all levels. Do it once and be done.

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